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Mitchell and Bertie’s Evasion

Stoney Mitchell and Mervyn Bertie spent 24 days evading the occupying German forces in Denmark from when their Lancaster bomber was attacked and shot down near the western coast of Jutland on 12 March 1945 to their departure on 5 April from the eastern coast of Jutland.

The sub menu for this section of the web site presents Mitchell and Bertie’s experiences in three formats.

First, as a narrative that recounts why they were flying over Denmark on the night of 12 March 1945, the German nightfighter attack, the fates of the Lancaster and its crew, how Mitchell and Bertie evaded from the western to the eastern side of Jutland, and their interactions with helpful Danes, both civilians and Resistance members.  The narrative account can also be downloaded as a PDF in English or as a PDF i dansk.

Second, as a map showing the locations of events from minelaying in the Kattegat through jettisoning of the escape hatch over western Jutland to Mitchell and Bertie’s last night in Denmark on the eastern coast of Jutland before their boat crossing to Sweden.

Third, as a time line of events, detailing the daily activities of Mitchell and Bertie from their Lancaster bomber taking-off at Elsham Wolds, Lincolnshire through their time in Denmark to their safe return to Britain.

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