Abbr  Abbreviated Term or Phrase Description
AB Awards Bureaux branch of IS9 responsible for interviewing helpers of Allied escapers and evaders in France, Belgium, Holland, and Denmark, investigating and settling their financial claims, and making recommendations for awards to helpers
BAT Beam Approach Training  
BST British Summer Time GMT + 1 hour
BOPA Borgerlige Partisaner Danish Resistance group formed in 1943 from the combination of KOPA (Kommunistiske Partisaner) and a student sabotage group
CB Civilbeskyttelse Civil Protection Services
CET Central European Time GMT + 1 hour
E & E Escape and Evasion  
FIS Flying Instructors School  
GMT Greenwich Mean Time now replaced by UTC
GP General Purpose bomb
HC High Capacity bomb
HCU Heavy Conversion Unit  
IS9 Intelligence School 9 British intelligence agency whose responsibilities included escape and evasion planning, debriefing repatriated service personnel, and interviewing helpers of British and American escapers and evaders
LAC Leading Aircraftman  
lb. pound weight 1 lb. = 0.45 kilograms
MC Medium Capacity bomb  
M.I.9 Military Intelligence Section 9 department of the British War Office providing aid to Resistance fighters and to Allied troops evading and escaping from enemy territory
MIS-X Military Intelligence Service-X department of the United States Department of War providing aid to Resistance fighters and to US American troops evading and escaping from enemy territory
NJG3 Nachtjagdgeschwader 3 Luftwaffe night-fighter wing
NSW New South Wales eastern state in Australia
Ops Operations day or night sortie to bomb or mine-lay
ORB Operational Record Book daily records of activities at various unit levels, e.g., squadron, base, station
OTU Operational Training Unit  
PRDC Personnel Depot & Receiving Centre  
PRO Public Records Office former name of The National Archive (TNA) located in Kew, England, UK
QLD Queensland north-eastern state in Australia
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force  
RAF Royal Air Force  
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force  
SAP Semi-Armour Piercing bomb  
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force headquarters of U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower, the Commander of Allied forces in north west Europe, from late 1943 until the end of WWII
SOE Special Operations Executive secret British organization conducting espionage and sabotage against Axis powers in World War II and aiding Resistance organizations with those activities
TNA The National Archives official government archive of the United Kingdom of Great Britain located in Kew in the London Borough of Richmond on Thames
USAAF United States Army Air Forces United States of America military aviation service during World War II
veg vegetable air-dropped anti-shipping sea mine
WAAF Women's Auxillary Air Force women serving in the Royal Air Force in non-aircrew roles, such as parachute packing, wireless communications, and transport
WCAD War Casualty Accounts Department  
WEA Western European Area  
W/O Warrant Officer  
W/Op Wireless Operator  
UTC Temps Universel Coordonné Coordinated Universal Time, a successor to Greenwich Mean Time