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70th Speeches

At the graveside ceremony held at Englændergraven, Tarm, on 12 March 2015, official speeches were given by dignitaries on behalf of the Australian government, the British Government, and the local municipality.

At the post-ceremony reception at Bechs Hotel, Tarm, speeches were given by family members of the crew of ME449 and by Danish eye witnesses.

Speeches by Dignitaries

Kirsten Kolby

Ceremonimeister for the Ceremony

Magnus Kolby

Toastmaster for the Reception

Speech by Lars Damgaard

Honorary Consul British Embassy

Speech by Kristian Ahle

Culture Committee Ringkøbing-Skjern Municipality

Speech by A. M. O’Leary

 Wing Commander, RAAF and Australian Embassy

Speeches by family members of crew who died on 12 March 1945

Speech by Karen Rice

cousin of Harvey Porter

Speech by Lynne Marsden

niece of Donald Morris

Speeches by family members of crew who survived 12 March 1945

Speech by Peter Slater

son of Stan Slater

Speech by Nigel Fairclough

son of Thomas Fairclough

Speech by Sue Westcott

daughter of Merv Bertie

Speech by Gail Michener

daughter of Stoney Mitchell

No members of Ken Foster’s family were able to attend the 70th Anniversary Event. Go to 70th Crew Families to see photos of all the family members who attended the 70th Anniversary Event.



Speech by Svend Bjerregaard

eyewitness of nightfighter attack

Speech by Hugo Bach Nielsen

responder to crash site

Speech by Dorthea Madsen

first helper of Stoney Mitchell and Merv Bertie