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Mervyn Henry BERTIE


M. H. Bertie

Personal Events
1921-Mar-09 Born to George and Ruby Bertie Orange NSW, Australia
1945-Sep-29 Marriage to Eileen Davies Barnet London, England, UK
1948-Sep-30 Birth of daughter Susan Lynda Sydney NSW, Australia
1956-Jun-02 Birth of daughter Wendy – died 1956-Jun-04 Orange NSW, Australia
1958-Oct-19 Birth of daughter Peta Jenny Sydney NSW, Australia
1987-Nov-23 Died Sydney NSW, Australia


Education and Pre-war Career
1938 Intermediate Certificate Orange High School NSW, Australia
1939 Accounts Clerk Orange NSW, Australia
1941-Jan-10 Enlisted in Civilian Military Forces Orange NSW, Australia
1941-Sep-29 6th Australian Motor Regiment Field NSW, Australia
1943-Apr-11 Enlisted in RAAF


Royal Australian Air Force Record of Service (Service Number: 433499)
1943-Apr-12 Aircrew V Guard
1943-Jul-12 Aircrew V (N) (B)
1943-Aug-14 Aircrew II (B)
1944-Mar-10 Air Bomber
1945-Jan-09 General Duties Air Bomber
1943-Apr-12 Aircraftman AC II on enlistment
1943-Aug-14 Leading Aircraftman LAC
1944-Mar-10 Sergeant
1944-Sep-10 Flight Sergeant
1945-Jan-09 Pilot Officer
1945-Jul-09 Flying Officer


Training Postings Flying Hours
Australia  1943 Royal Australian Air Force  
1943-Apr-21 No 2 Recruit Depot Tocumwal, NSW
1943-May-10 No 2 Initial Training School (ITS) Bradfield Park, NSW
1943-Aug-14 No 2 Embarkation Depot (ED) Bradfield Park, NSW
1943-Aug-28 No 1 Embarkation Depot Ascot Vale, VIC
1943-Aug-30 Embarked Melbourne, VIC
Canada  1943-1944 British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (Attached to Royal Canadian Air Force)
1943-Sep-14 Disembarked Canada
1943-Sep-18 No 3 Manning Depot (MD) Edmonton, Alberta
1943-Oct-17 No 8 Bombing and Gunnery School Lethbridge, Alberta 61 h 00 m
1944-Jan-30 No 2 Air Observer School Edmonton, Alberta 45 h 00 m
1944-Mar-22 1 Y Depot Lachine, Quebec
1944-Mar-24 Embarked Halifax, Nova Scotia
Great Britain  1944 British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (Attached to Royal Air Force)  
1944-Apr-02 Disembarked Brighton, England
1944-Apr-03 No 2 Personnel Despatch & Reception Centre (PDRC) Brighton, England
1944-Apr-25 No 8 Observers Advanced Flying Unit (O AFU) Mona, Wales 41 h 55 m
1944-May-23 No 27 Operational Training Unit (OTU) Lichfield, England 76 h 05 m
1944-Aug-16 No 11 Base Lindholme, England
1944-Sep-28 No 1656 Heavy Conversion Unit (HCU) Lindholme, England 28 h 35 m
1944-Oct-23 No 1 Lancaster Finishing School (LFS) Hemswell, England 09 h 35 m
Total Training Hours Flying: 262 h 10 m
Operational Postings Flying Hours
Great Britain  1944-1945 Bomber Command 
1944-Oct-29 No 103 Squadron Elsham Wolds, England
to 14 operations
1945-Mar-12  Total Operational Hours Flying 94 h 52 m


Denmark, Sweden, Scotland, England
12 March – 18 April 1945
War Casualties Account Department (WCAD)
1945-Mar-13 Missing air ops., from United Kingdom. Report No 76/45 in Denmark
1945-Apr-05 Safe in Sweden. Report No 104/45 in Sweden
1945-Apr-16 Arrived in United Kingdom. Report No 111/45 in Scotland
1945-Apr-18 No 11 Personnel Despatch & Reception Centre Brighton, England
Great Britain  1945 Bomber Command
1945-May-05 No 103 Squadron Elsham Wolds
1945-Jun-26 No 9 Aircrew Holding Unit Gamston, UK
1946-Mar-01 No 11 Personnel Despatch & Reception Centre Brighton, England
1946-Mar-01 Embarked Formidable Brighton, England
Australia  1946 
1946-Apr-02 Disembarked Sydney, NSW
1946-Apr-15 No 2 Personnel Depot Sydney, NSW
1946-Aug-01 Appointment terminated


Post-war Career
1947-1948 Institute of Accountants course Sydney, NSW, Australia
1949-1977 Accountant Orange, NSW, Australia
1977-1987 In retirement Orange, NSW, Australia