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Helpers in Denmark

See the list of helpers who assisted Bomb Aimer Merv Bertie and Navigator Stoney Mitchell to evade from western Jutland to Sweden.
Many other Danish people protected and assisted the other three surviving crew of Lancaster ME449, Pilot Stan Slater, Wireless Operator Thomas Fairclough, and Flight Engineer Ken Foster.

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On 15 September 1945, the British Legation in Copenhagen informed the Royal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the British War Office wished to establish an office “for the purpose of seeking out, questioning and recommending for awards those Danes who helped British Service personnel to evade capture by the enemy.” (letter archived in Frihedsmuseet Arkiv).  Subsequently, both the British I.S.9. (AB) and American M.I.S.-X opened adjacent offices in Dagmarhus, Copenhagen.  Resistance organizations were contacted for information about help given by their members and advertisements were placed in newspapers throughout Denmark in February and March 1946 to request that civilians send details on the assistance they provided to Allied airmen shot down in Denmark.

Notice from Danish newspaper requesting helpers of Allied airmen to submit information about the assistance they provided.

Six levels of helper assistance were recognized according to the effort and risk taken by the helper.  In August 1946, 476 Danes assigned Grade V awards and 192 Danes assigned Grade VI awards received two certificates, one from Deputy Supreme Commander, SHAEF, Air Chief Marshal Arthur W. Tedder on behalf of the British Government and one from Supreme Commander, SHAEF, General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower on behalf of the United State of America Government. The remaining 20 Danes assigned the higher level Grade II, III, and IV awards received their recognition later in 1946.


Grade V helper award from the British Government to Aage Fisker

Grade V helper award from the USA Government
to Aage Fisker

Note:  The certificates received by helpers from the USA Government in 1946 were signed by General Dwight D. Eisenhower in his capacity as Commander of the Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF) on behalf of the President of the United States of America.  Dwight D. Eisenhower did not become President of the United States of America until 1953, 8 years after World War II ended.
Franklin D. Roosevelt was President from before World War II commenced until his death on 12 April 1945.  Harry S. Truman then served as President of the United States from 12 April 1945 until 20 January 1953.  The President of the United States is not named and did not sign helper certificates.

List of Danish Helpers of Stoney Mitchell and Merv Bertie:

Mailor Ambrosiusen
Svend Aage and Gudrun Ballisager
Gunnar Birk
Sigurd Birk
Peder Nørby Christensen
Ole Engberg
Aage and Ottinne Fisker
Henrik Peter Henriksen
Frida Jensen Bjerre
Dorthea Kristensen
Kr. Peder and Maria Kristensen
Alfred Balle and Magdalene Pedersen
Arnold and Naomi Petersen
Johannes Rasmussen
Ulf Henrik Svendsen-Tune
Anton Jens Toldstrup

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