Term   Definition / Description
Cluster   grouping of small incendiaries (e.g. 4 lb.) into a Small Bomb Container
escapers   prisoners who break free from enemy control and confinement
evaders   combatants who elude capture by the enemy force
gardening   laying of air-dropped anti-shipping sea mines in designated areas coded with names of vegetables, fruits, flowers, shrubs
Holger Dansk   Danish Resistance group formed in Copenhagen in 1942
mission   USAAF terminology equivalent to RAF operation
Monroe   RAF name for bomb for dropping propaganda leaflets
Nickels   RAF code for propaganda leaflets dropped from aircraft
operation   an attack on an enemy target; compare with mission and sortie
plant   RAF "gardening" code for dropping mines in enemy waters
Silverthorne   RAF "gardening" code name referring to a large portion of the Kattegat between Denmark and Sweden
sortie   a given aircraft flying on an operation to an enemy target
staffel   Luftwaffe equivalent of RAF squadron
Statens Civile
  National Civil Air Defense; a Danish government agency in existence 1938-1949 within the Ministry of the Interior to assist civilians in the event of aerial attack
veg   vegetable; RAF code for an acoustic or magnetic mine to be "planted" or "sowed" in enemy waters on a "gardening" operation
Wangannui   airborne sky-marker flares dropped on the calculated point of weapon release when complete cloud obscured the target