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21st Help

Since 2011, many people in Denmark have assisted in searching for information about the experiences of Stoney Mitchell and Merv Bertie.   Those Danes have ranged from surviving helpers and professional archivists, to interested historians and journalists, to family and friends of Danish helpers and Resistance members, to current residents of the safe houses in which Bertie and Mitchell were hidden.  Additionally, family members of the air crew aboard Lancaster ME449 on 12 March 1945 have shared their memorabilia.

I will be adding information to this page in 2017 to acknowledge all the people who have made my search for information so exciting, stimulating, and successful.

Meanwhile visit Eyewitnesses and 70th Anniversary Speeches for brief histories of some of the Danish citizens who reminisced about their memories of the crash of Lancaster ME449 on 12 March 1945.

Gail Michener

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